Thursday, May 5, 2016

New 5-star review for Mafia romance RECKONING (Blood and Honor, #4)!

You know what makes my day? Waking up to an awesome 5-star review like this one for RECKONING:

“I have been along for this ride since the beginning and all I can [say] is WOW!!! 

Ruggero was one of my favorite characters from the very beginning and I'm thrilled he finally got his chance at love. When you look up "rough around the edges" in the dictionary you will find a picture of Ruggero, that's him to a T! Dana smoothes out some of his edges and gives her readers another look at him and he softens, slightly, when Loredana comes into his life. The spark between them is explosive despite the danger that is around them; when you have a STRICT and no-nonsense judge and a Mafioso, what could go wrong?! Right?!

Ruggero and Loredana's love scenes make the reader reach for a glass or water and beg to trade places with her…. You cannot go wrong with RECKONING; well, only if you don't dive in and hold on tight.”

If you're a reader who takes the time to write reviews, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Want to learn more about Reckoning and the Blood and Honor Mafia romance series? Keep reading!

Reckoning (Blood and Honor, #4) by Dana Delamar


A brutal hitman. 
A fervent anti-Mafia judge. 
A far-ranging conspiracy…

Everyone thinks Ruggero Vela is just an assassin, a cold-hearted thug. But a passionate heart beats underneath his granite exterior. When he finally meets the woman of his dreams, she turns out to be Loredana Montisi, a fervent anti-Mafia judge hell-bent on prosecuting his Mafia don boss. The beautiful judge has no idea she's being used as a pawn by much darker forces with a truly frightening agenda. 

With enemies closing in on every side, Ruggero walks a dangerous tightrope—can he win Loredana's heart and her help, or will he lose her and the only family he knows?

Paperback US | Paperback UK

Want a little taste of the book? 

Ruggero ignored her and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. Loredana watched him take a drag, but when the smoke started flowing from his nose and mouth, she lost it. 

She snatched the cigarette from his lips and tossed it to the floor, crushing it with her shoe.

“What the hell?” he asked.

“My grandfather died of emphysema.”

“Why would you care what happens to me?”

“No one deserves that kind of death.”

“Even a Mafia thug?”

“Even a man like you.”

Something in his face changed, darkened, and his eyes lasered in on her. He grabbed hold of her arms. “Is that how you see me? As a man? Or do you see me as a Mafioso?” He pulled her close, his eyes flicking back and forth across her face, before dipping down to stare at her lips.

Both of them were breathing hard. She placed her hands on his chest, his muscles twitching beneath her palms. Her heart was pounding, her stomach flipping. “I see you as a man,” she said, the words just barely above a whisper.

Before she could second-guess herself, she leaned in, rising up on her toes, and pressed her lips to his. For just an instant, he kissed her back, then his hands clamped down on her biceps, and he broke the contact. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I don’t know.”

Those wolf’s eyes drilled into hers. “You’d better know, Loredana. I’m not a man you can play with.”

She stared at him for a moment that stretched on and on. What did she want? She knew; she just needed the courage to own up to it. Then she stepped closer and raised her lips to his. “I’m not playing with you,” she murmured against them.

With a groan, he hauled her flat against his well-muscled body, his mouth coming down on hers in a searing kiss. She clutched his suit jacket as he took control, his tongue delving into her mouth, his hands fisting in her hair.

She shouldn’t be doing this, she knew it, and yet she couldn’t stop. And why should she? She might not have much time left, and if she was going to die, she was going to die happy—or something like it.

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