Friday, November 21, 2014

GIVEAWAY! Winter Heat Blog Hop

Welcome to the Winter Heat Blog Hop! In addition to telling you about my books, my prize for the hop is a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card -- winner's choice!! To enter, follow the instructions in the RaffleCopter below. 

I write very steamy, gritty, dark Mafia romance. The "Blood and Honor" series is about two warring Mafia families, the Lucchesis and the Andrettis. This crime family saga starts with a prequel (Malavita) set twenty-eight years in the past that details the origins of a feud that continues in the present with the books RevengeRetribution, and the latest release, Redemption. The final book, Reckoning, is slated for release in early 2015. 

Each book features a hero and heroine who face impossible odds and must fight for their love--and their very lives--within the murky underworld of the Italian Mob. 

Be warned--these are dark, sexy, violent books that are definitely not for the faint of heart! If they were movies, they'd be rated R. Think "The Godfather" meets "Romeo & Juliet." (The prequel, Malavita, which is free, is more PG-13 than the rest of the series.) 

Here's what readers are saying about the series: 

“Plenty of sexy scenes, drama, action, adventure, suspense, blood, love, friendship, just a fantastic read. Highly recommended, wish I could give it more than 5 stars, this is a perfect TEN!”

“I cannot get enough of a good Mafia story. I think those Italian boys are so cute in leather. Ahem. Sorry, off-topic. Malavita is tragic love story with blood and bullets. Really, what more could anyone want? Oh, it’s set in Italy. And it is so good. The characters are brilliant Mafia. The dialogue perfect. The only problem was it ended.”

"This series is awesome!!! If this series was ever made into a movie it would put the Godfather to shame! I am always pulled into the lives that Dana creates in her books. Heart beating so fast it is like I am part of the story line!!! If you are looking for fantastic writing style and being pulled into a story this is it!! I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. I WANT TO GIVE IT MORE THAN 5 STARS."

Want a little taste? 

Here's an excerpt from Book 2, Retribution, which is about a British Interpol agent who goes undercover and gets mixed up with a headstrong Mafia princess. He's playing a dangerous game, one that might get them both killed... 

Nick turned the music up and caught Delfina’s eye. Was it just his imagination, or had she been admiring his bare arse? “Watching me, were you?” he asked, keeping his voice pitched low.

She blushed, roses staining her cheeks. His chest felt lighter than it had in weeks. “I’m not answering that.”

He strode over to her and leaned in, forcing her to sprawl back on the bed, caged within his arms. He placed his lips near her ear. “Your blush told me everything. Every single naughty thought you were having.”

Madonna,” she muttered and braced her hands against his chest. “You’re getting a swollen head.”

He darted his tongue out and ran it along the edge of her ear. “Most certainly.” He put a knee up on the bed and rubbed his cock along her thigh.

She laughed and pushed against him, but he didn’t budge. “Time to get undressed,” he whispered. Her hands went to the buttons that ran down the front of the silk blouse tucked into her skirt. She played with the top one. 

“Now?” she asked, her voice lilting and playful.

“Now.” He rumbled the word in her ear and she shivered. “Take it off. I want to see you. All of you.”

Sounds awesome! Where can I get the books?

If you haven't started the series, the prequel, Malavita, is FREE now on all retailers! 

If you prefer paperback, you can find Malavita here: 

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