Monday, September 28, 2015

New Romantic Suspense Release: Always Dangerous (Adrenaline Highs, Book 6) by Dee J. Adams

Hi everybody! If you love romantic suspense, check out the Adrenaline Highs series by Dee J. Adams. Her latest book in the series, Always Dangerous, releases October 6th, and you can pre-order it now!

Always Dangerous
Dee J. Adams

Leo Frost has lost his house, his car and possibly his acting career. Releasing an independent film is his only hope of paying for his sister’s twenty-four/seven care, but he’s got to finish it first. The last thing he needs is a curveball from the one woman who could break his focus with a look, a smile and the most unexpected news of his life. 

Kim Jacobs wants it all—a career in a big city, a husband and a family, but a tryst two months ago with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars leaves her pregnant. Knowing Leo doesn’t want kids or a wife, Kim decides to make her own happily-ever-after with the help of a recent inheritance. All that’s left is to tell the man and move on.  

Kim’s short visit to L.A. turns deadly with a series of mysterious attempts on her life. Suddenly Leo not only has to save his career, he has to find out who’s trying to murder the lady who is stealing his heart. As an actor, danger was staged and nothing was at stake, but now the threats are all too real. If Leo wants a future and a family with Kim, he has to prove he can do more than play a hero onscreen, he has to be one in real life.

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Leo had been up most of the night working on the numbers for his movie, so she felt confident that she wouldn’t wake him when she left for her hike. She needed some serious space from the guy. He jumbled every one of her senses. He was a man who didn’t want commitment and she was a woman who did. Her head knew he wasn’t the guy for her, but her heart didn’t care. And her duplicitous body…forget about it. Her heart pounded like a damn drum whenever he was around, her eyes always searched him out and her hands ached to touch. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

She’d just finished writing him a note when he showed up in the kitchen, looking bleary-eyed, rumpled and gorgeous as hell in shorts…and only shorts. His washboard abs made her mouth water for a taste. For all the hours she’d spent last night hardening her heart to this man, all it took was one look for the traitorous organ to pound out of control.

His sleepy eyes narrowed as he took in her outfit. “What the hell are you planning now?”

She ignored his tone and the way it made her girl parts tingle. “I’m going on a little hike. If you don’t see me back here tonight, then call the fire department again. I may need rescuing.”

He shook his head slowly as his tired eyes opened wider. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Uh oh. Too late.” She zipped past him, but he caught her arm and twirled her about face.

Leo exhaled a measured breath. “Nothing I say is going to stop you, is it?” She shrugged a shoulder and opened her mouth to tell him she was a grown woman, perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but he cut her off. “Fine. Give me time to get dressed and pack us some provisions.” He gestured to the tiny pack she had over her shoulders. “That doesn’t hold nearly enough water for the amount of energy we’ll be expending.” He leaned forward and touched his forehead to hers. “Give me ten minutes or else.”

Kim smothered a grin. He was kind of funny when he ordered her around. “Or else what?” She kept a straight face. Sometimes she liked goading him just to see what he would do.

“Or else when I see you next, I’m going to put you over my knee and spank that sweet ass of yours.”

A blast of heat exploded in her stomach and moved directly south. Though the picture he created sounded erotic as hell, Kim was totally not into that. “Don’t count on it,” she breathed. “That is not on my to-do list. Ever.”

“Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.” He pulled away. “Ten minutes starting now. You better be here.”

 About the Author

After graduating high school in Texas, Dee J. moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. For twenty years, she acted in television and worked behind the scenes as an acting/dialogue coach for sitcoms.  Writing happened accidentally after a vivid dream and the urging of her husband to “Just write it down.” Three weeks, fourteen hours a day, and four hundred and fifty (long hand) pages later, she had her first novel.  Dee J. loves writing books filled with action, mystery and love. (Not necessarily in that order.) Her experience in show business led to her narrating many of the books in the Adrenaline Highs series for She is the wife of a wonderful man and mother to a fabulous daughter. She’s a dog lover all the way, with a fondness towards Boxers and Pit Bulls. She is a member of several organizations, including Romance Writers of America and SAG-AFTRA.


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