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I love, love, love the heroes in my books, but sometimes they are heartbreakers. For example, when Mafia Don Enrico Lucchesi lies to Kate Andretti, the woman he loves, about who he is because he knows she won't accept it, you *know* there's some heartbreak coming! Or when Interpol agent Nick Clarkston lies to Mafia princess Delfina Andretti and tells her he's a dirty agent working for her father, there's heartbreak ahead when they fall for each other, because Nick has no intention of betraying his law-enforcement ideals. 

Both of these heroes lie with good intentions--Enrico to keep Kate safe from her mobster husband, Nick to infiltrate the Mafia and seek justice--but they both almost lose the women they love because of these lies. It takes some pretty dramatic heroism on both their parts to win their women back. I like some good groveling, but there's nothing like a man putting his life on the line to save the woman he loves--wins your heart every time, doesn't it?

If these heartbreaker heroes sound like the kind of men you swoon for, you might want to check out my Blood and Honor romantic suspense series, which is set in Italy among the Calabrian Mafia. The series chronicles the battles--both bloody and romantic--between two warring Mafia clans. Books 1 and 2 are available now. 

Book 1: Revenge (Blood and Honor, #1)

A woman on the run. A damaged Mafia don. A rival bent on revenge...

Revenge (Blood and Honor, #1) by Dana Delamar
Kate Andretti is married to the Mob--but doesn't know it. When her husband uproots them to Italy, Kate leaves everything she knows behind. Alone in a foreign land, she finds herself locked in a battle for her life against a husband and a family who will "silence" her if she will not do as they wish. When her husband tries to kill her, she accepts the protection offered by a wealthy businessman with Mafia ties. He's not a mobster, he claims. Or is he?

Enrico Lucchesi never wanted to be a Mafia don, and now he's caught in the middle of a blood feud with the Andretti family. His decision to help Kate brings the feud between the families to a boil. When Enrico is betrayed by someone in his own family, the two of them must sort out enemies from friends--and rely on each other or die alone. The only problem? Enrico cannot reveal his identity to Kate, or she'll bolt from his protection, and he'll be duty-bound to kill her to safeguard his family's secret. 

Attacks from without and within push them both to the breaking point, and soon Enrico is forced to choose between protecting the only world he knows and saving the woman he loves. 

If you prefer printRevenge is also on Amazon US (paperback) or Amazon UK (paperback).

Book 2: Retribution (Blood and Honor, #2)

An Interpol agent playing a dangerous game. A Mafia princess desperate to escape. A man determined to exact retribution...

Retribution (Blood and Honor, #2) by Dana Delamar
Nick Clarkston, a young Interpol agent, threatens to undo the fragile peace between the Lucchesi and Andretti families when he tries to take down the Mafia don father who abandoned him. He allies with his father's sworn enemy, a mobster both devious and ruthless. The mobster's alluring daughter helps Nick negotiate the murky criminal underworld, but he soon learns she's using him. Trapped, and with nowhere to turn, Nick makes a tragic mistake that plunges him further into danger.

Delfina Andretti appears to be the typical Mafia princess--but this princess wants out. Delfina dreams of being a fashion designer, and hooking up with Nick is her ticket out of an arranged marriage. Her feelings for Nick are genuine, but he's leery of her. Even worse, his heedless drive for justice threatens to get them both killed and to put everyone Delfina loves behind bars--unless she and Nick can forge a new future for their warring families.

You can find Retribution at these retailersAmazon US (Kindle)Amazon UK (Kindle)Amazon CA (Kindle)AppleAll Romance eBooksBarnes & NobleBarnes & Noble (UK)DieselKoboOmniLitSmashwords, and Sony. 

If you prefer print, Retribution is also on Amazon (paperback) and Amazon UK (paperback).


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  4. I think being a heartbreaker makes a man more intriguing :)

    Sheri -

  5. Heartbreakers-- Oh how we love & hate them!

  6. LaTanya Lawson / caiidynsmommie(at)gmail(dot)com

    i love love love Mafia stories. they have their heartbreaker hero just any other romance.

  7. You know I just love anything to do with Italy! And I'm a big Mario Puzo fan, so you're on my TBR!

  8. Thank you for the great giveaway!


  9. I LOVE romantic suspense as a reader; as a writer I have written romantic suspense. Looks as though I'm in great company here! Thanks so much!

  10. I love reading and writing romantic suspense -and mob stories - even better. Looking forward to reading yours!

  11. I'm Loving UR blop Hop! ThanQ 4 sharing UR Gift with us Fans! Godspeed Ms. Delamar!

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  13. Thanks. Love your excerpt.

  14. Your books are great ones to read :)


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  16. We all want to love a Heartbreaker. Maybe its because of his chiseled good looks, his bad boy attitude, or the mysterious nature of him. Some Heartbreakers are just that, they know what they got and how to use it to get what they want. Then there are those Heartbreakers that don’t even realize that they are doing it. The best part about a Heartbreaker is that there is always a woman that turns their world upside down until they realize it is love. I have read many Romance Novels over the years and have run into many memorable Heartbreakers and my favorites are usually the ones that don’t even know they are Heartbreakers! Some of my personal favorite Heartbreakers are :

    Kade Jamenson (Werewolf) from An Alpha’s Path. Kade is a sexy werewolf that will make you burn but a mishap with a potential mate makes him not think he will find love.

    Ian MacPhie (Vampire) from All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire. Ian is a heartbreaking Highland Vampire that was frozen in his immortality when he was only 15. With the help of his friend he is given a drug that helps him age to 28 so he could look like a man instead of a child after hundreds of years. He has no idea that he looks of a warrior and the lover.

    Lothaire Daciano (Vampire) from Lothaire. Lothaire is definitely a heartbreaker and his cocky attitude proves it! Thinks he’s a gift to women! Its just the sucker punch from a woman he doesn’t realize is his equal that brings him down a notch.

    Marius Parker from His Contrary Bride. Marius is every part the gentlemen but doesn’t realize he could also easily be the rogue!

    Benjamin Gateway from To Win His Wayward Wife. Benjamin doesn’t realize that he is a heartbreaker because the one woman he loved, he lost….or did he?

    Fury North (Human with Canine DNA) from Fury and Valiant North (Human with Feline DNA) from Valiant. Fury and Valiant are strong New Species and gorgeous to boot, but because they are damaged they doesn’t think they can hold onto to the women they love.

    Sigimor Cameron from Highland Conqueror. Sigimor is every bit the Highland Laird and warrior but can he hold onto to the beautiful English lady?

    Joshua Striker (Werewolf) from Alexandra’s Legacy. Joshua is a scared and battle hard enforcer for his pack and he thinks that he doesn’t have what it takes to make the women melt.

  17. Hi Dana,
    Your heroes, Nick and Enric sound enticing. I like the mob storyline, too. Good luck with the hop, and keep writing such awesome books.

    Lily Silver,

  18. I think the heartbreakers are the ones you can't believe what they have done or you know they will do, but you still love them anyway.

  19. awesome giveaway

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  20. Revenge sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  23. For me the heartbreaker is a bad boy who goes kicking and screaming into love! When he falls he falls hard!

    The only heartbreakers I have encountered are literary! And my all time fav is Mr Darcy! Although, I am currently crushing on Zadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood!


  24. Thanks for the giveaway and participating in the hop!
    I think that Christian Grey from "50 Shades of Grey" is a good example of a heartbreaker. He used and abused Ana at first, but then came to his senses by book two.

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  27. SO many bad boys out there-- mine are also in books-- Bry from Abby Sinclair series by Allison Pang is a huge heartbreaker. I hate him, then love him, then hate him... LOL

    wayfaringwriter at gmail dot com

  28. Sounds like a great series. Thanks!

  29. My current favorite heartbreaker is Gannicus from the show Spartacus.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  30. I haven't read any mob stories but I do love watching them on tv. Definitely will be checking them out.

    Dawna Newman

  31. my heartbreaker since season 3 of True Blood..... Eric Northman.

    jennirv4967 at gmail dot com

  32. I love Kresley Cole's Lothaire, Jeaniene Frost's Bones, JR Ward's Z & V, & Charlaine Harris's Eric :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  33. My heartbreaker is Eric Northman. Thanks for the great giveaway!! So many great prizes!! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Ashley A

  34. Keep writing so I can keep reading. Thanks for being in this super blog hop.

  35. very awesome giveaway...thx u so much !!!

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  38. Heartbreakers are usually bad-boys, they’re witty, funny and sexy and the female population is drooling after them lol

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  39. I love heartbreakers cause they are fun to love. I prefer a heartthrob cause he is in it for the long haul.

    mary_reiss @

  40. My favorite part of having a heart breaker is the world class groveling. Todd in Lauren Dane's Laid Bare is my perfect example.
    planterofhope at aol dot com

  41. Those do sound like heartbreakers! And I do like some groveling...

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  42. What a great blog hop. Who doesn't love heartbreakers and heartthrobs! Yum!


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  47. My favorite heartbreaker is the one that your heart can’t live without. One of my best is Lucas from D B Reynolds book “Lucas” (Vampire in America series). Strong mind, well put together and tender when he needs to be.

    Judy Peterson

  48. Broderick from Ransom by Julie Garwood
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  49. Thank you for being part of the hop... Love reading what everyone has to say about Heartbreakers

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  58. I've heard a lot about this series and definitely want to read it!

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  60. I may not have much experience in the whole love department, but I have had my heart broken. Being considered a Heartbreaker can come from various actions that you do. I am a newbie when it comes to reading romance books but what I have learned is that it is not bad to have a chiseled body or an amazing personality. If you look at it over all, if you never put your heart out there, you may never have a chance at true love and happiness. I may get broken once in a while but only you are strong enough to pick yourself up and try all over again. One of my favorite Heartbreakers is Taylor Qualls the Earl of Sandlin from the book His Impetuous Debutante. Lady Phoebe kinda reminds me of myself, accident prone and finding trouble in every corner. Taylor doesn’t think he is good enough for Phoebe, so he’s a heartbreaker and doesn’t know it.

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