Monday, May 18, 2015

New covers and new stores for the Blood & Honor series!

About a year ago, I tried a cover experiment for the Blood and Honor series, and I've decided to try another. My original covers heavily emphasized suspense with pictures featuring hands and guns. They were great covers, but I felt I was missing a big chunk of my audience--romance readers! So the second set of covers emphasized romance by featuring a series of couples, and as I suspected, the second set of covers did seem to attract more readers. 

So now it's time for yet another experiment. This time I'm going with only hot guys on the covers, and I'm curious to see how they do. I've been playing around with these images in my posts on Facebook and Twitter, and people really seem to like them, and I think they capture the sexy, dangerous vibe of the series quite well. Here they are!

I've also included links for the newest stores where you can find the series: Google Play, 'txtr, and FlipKart!

And for those of you wondering: I'm at about the 80% mark on Redemption. A ton of editing work has come in for By Your Side Self-Publishing, so I've had to focus on that for a while. I'm still planning a summer release for Redemption--most likely July/August. 

Malavita (Blood and Honor, Prequel) by Dana Delamar

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Revenge (Blood and Honor, #1) by Dana Delamar

Retribution (Blood and Honor, #2) by Dana Delamar

Redemption (Blood and Honor, #3) by Dana Delamar

I hope you enjoy the new covers as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Happy Reading! 
~ Dana 

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