Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reckoning Cover Reveal, Release Date, Excerpt, and Teasers -- It's Almost Here!

Hi everyone! For those of you who've been reading the Blood and Honor series, I have the news you've been waiting for: the release date for Reckoning
(drum roll) 
November 21-23! 

Reckoning (Blood and Honor, #4) by Dana Delamar


A brutal man of honor. 
A fervent anti-Mafia judge. 
A far-ranging conspiracy…

Everyone thinks Ruggero Vela is just an assassin, a cold-hearted thug. But a passionate heart beats underneath his granite exterior. When he finally meets the woman of his dreams, she turns out to be Loredana Montisi, a fervent anti-Mafia judge hell-bent on prosecuting his Mafia don boss. The beautiful judge has no idea she's being used as a pawn by much darker forces with a truly frightening agenda. 

With enemies closing in on every side, Ruggero walks a dangerous tightrope—can he win Loredana's heart and her help, or will he lose her and the only family he knows?

Many of you asked if there'd be a pre-order, but I decided against it because it would have delayed the release into early December, and we all know you've been waiting long enough! Thanks so much for your well wishes and your patience. Your emails and comments on Facebook, my blog, and Goodreads helped keep my spirits and my enthusiasm up. 

Want a little taste of the book? 

He moved closer again, and this time Loredana jumped away, but her back hit the wall. Trapped. Blood pounded in her ears, and his smile widened. He placed one hand on the wall beside her head and leaned in, just centimeters from her. He smelled of espresso, cigarettes, and a light cologne. Something lemony. “I wasn’t going to hurt you. I’ve never hurt a woman, and I’m not about to start.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“Reassuring you.”

“I thought you didn’t do that.”

He chuckled, low and deep, and his other hand met the wall on the other side of her head. He had her caged in quite effectively, but his gaze was what held her captive. She struggled not to squirm, to meet his eyes, to keep him from knowing how desperately she wanted to run.

He leaned in, his voice dropping, his words a whisper. “I want you to remember how you’re feeling now: heart beating fast, every cell excruciatingly alert, ready to jump out of your skin. Remember this, and don’t forget. You are in danger, Giudice Montisi, and remembering that is what’s going to keep you alive.”

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I hope you're as excited about Reckoning as I am. Let me know what you think in the comments. 

And if you (or your friends) need to catch up on the series, the links to the other four books are below. 

Happy Reading! 
~ Dana 

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